Our Clients

From our office in Omaha, we work with clients across the state of Nebraska as well as across the country. Our advisors work directly with each client; there is no intermediary "account rep" or "relationship manager" so clients talk directly with the person doing research and making the investment decisions in their portfolios. We limit the number of client relationships each advisor works with so that we can devote the time needed to client accounts and be available to our clients when they need us. Our clients include:

♦ busy families and individuals who have accumulated wealth but want someone else to take care of day-to-day investment responsibilities

♦ families and individuals who are planning and saving for their future retirement while still trying to control their finances today

♦ people who are nearing retirement and want help planning how much they'll be able to spend and need help deciding their retirement plan distribution options

♦ retirees who are enjoying the fruits of their labor

♦ self-directed investors who want their heirs to have an advisory relationship in place

♦ adult children who have inherited wealth or are expecting to inherit in the future

♦ retirement plans for professionals, medical practices, and small businesses

♦ church and community foundations and other not-for-profit organizations

Cambridge Advisors' clients value having an advisor they trust who understands their unique situation and is looking out for their best interests. They also appreciate the peace of mind they have from knowing they have a sound plan in place to help them reach their financial goals. When you become a Cambridge Advisors client,

♦ you will always have clarity about your financial picture and the path you are on to reach your goals;

♦ you will know that your investments are always appropriate for you and your situation;

♦ you will feel confident, focused and in control of your financial future; and

♦ you will know that your portfolio is receiving the attention it deserves.

If you would like to explore a relationship with Cambridge Advisors, we invite you to come into our office, meet our advisors, and see if we are right for you. Our Discovery meeting is free of any charge or obligation.


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