Investment Management

Because we take the time to understand you and your goals, we can manage your portfolio in a way that reflects your personal values, circumstances, and objectives. Our portfolios are customized to each client so that we respect risk tolerance levels and return expectations as well as each client's specific constraints including liquidity, investment horizon, government regulations, tax implications and any unique needs.

The investment management process includes the following:

  • Measuring risk tolerance with Nitrogen (formerly known as riskalyze)
  • Determining an appropriate allocation based on risk tolerance
  • Deciding on appropriate types of investment vehicles
  • Selecting securities to use to build and manage a diversified portfolio
  • Ongoing monitoring of investments, markets, and changes in client’s circumstances
  • Reporting and meeting with clients

Let the professionals at Cambridge Advisors focus on the day-to-day management of your investments so you can focus on the activities you enjoy.