We strive to build long lasting relationships with our clients. To enhance this probability, we believe it is important that potential clients understand what we are and what we are not. Most of this website is dedicated to explaining who we are, but here is a short list of what we are NOT:

Wall Street Firm – Although there are other financial firms with names very similar to ours, our only location is in Omaha, Nebraska and we are completely independent.

Commission-Based Advisor Firm – Our only compensation is our stated management fee. We receive no commissions based on what we recommend, no referral fees, and we have no revenue sharing compensation.

Day Trading Firm – Our focus is on long-term investing, not short-term trading.

Market Timing Proponent – Market timing strategies rarely produce consistently superior results.

Speculator Firm – We manage our clients' serious investments and do not gamble with the money they are depending on to reach their goals.

Emotional Investors – We remove the emotion from our investment decisions and take actions based on long-term factors and fundamentals.

Momentum Investors – We invest in companies because they have sound, underlying attributes and not just because their prices are going up.


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